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Chemical peeling consists of the application on the skin of exfoliating agents to obtain first, destruction and then regeneration of part of the epidermis and/or dermis.

Chemical peels produce a controlled wound that will result in renewal with the reduction of sun damage, pigmentation, acne lesions, fine lines and wrinkles and superficial scars. Depth and results depend on the strength of agents used.

At Noosa Laser Clinic we currently have three peels to choose from:

Skinstitut AHA Enzyme Peel

This Peel is designed to renew and restore the skin’s radiance while soothing, hydrating and micro exfoliating, dry, flaking and sensitised skins. This peel is able to be performed on clients who are currently not using Skinstitut products.

Skinstitut Peel Accelerator

This Skinstitut peel will renew, brighten and smooth the skin while providing antibacterial support and improve hydration. This unique peel is suitable for most skin types and can be intensified by layering with Vitamin C, which will intensify the peel. This is beneficial for sun damaged skins, acneic skin or skins that may have had previous peel accelerator treatments and are requiring a more intensive treatment.

Skinstitut Ageless Peel

This peel is an anabolic resurfacing treatment, and will assist in rebuilding the dermis. This treatment is a skin rejuvenating anti-oxidant and amino acid peel to reduce the appearance of the visible signs of ageing and sun damage. This peel works deep within the skin encouraging healthy new cell production resulting in a revitalised, smoother radiant complexion.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

Within 2 weeks prior to your treatment DISCONTINUE/ DO NOT HAVE the following:


• Waxing of any areas to be treated

• Depilatory use in any treated area

• Electrolysis of area to be treated

• Laser/ IPL treatments

• Sun exposure to area being treated

For best results the following Skinstitut products are to be used 2 weeks prior to your treatment to ensure safe and effective results: Glycolic Cleanser, Even Blend Serum (AM and PM), Retinol and Age Defense SPF 50+

Post-Treatment Instructions

•  Avoid exercise for 24 hours (avoid getting sweaty)

• Avoid heat such as hair dryers, hot steam etc to the area for 24 hours


• Avoid direct sun for 5 days

• No exfoliating products for 5 days. Enzymatic Micro Peel may be used after 48 hours to assist with gentle removal of flaking skin

• Avoid waxing/ hair removal for 14 days

• Avoid facial Treatments for 14 days
• Increase water intake to include “At Least” 8 glasses

• Sunscreen is Mandatory

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