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AquaRenew Hydrabrasion is the latest in aesthetic technology to polish, refine and hydrate the skin in the one treatment.

The procedure is fairly quick and simple, but the results are amazing.

For best results, dry diamond dermabrasion is performed first to remove dead skin and debris, whilst stimulating collagen production to restore elasticity, followed by the hydration burst treatment with fine skin polishing.

The main benefits of hydrabrasion:

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Tightening of enlarged pores,

• Elimination of blackheads and whiteheads

• Clear congestion

• Stimulate new cell growth

• Even out skin tone

• Rejuvenate the skin

• Improve lymphatic drainage

• Increased hydration and softening of the skin

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the AquaRenew Hydrabrasion procedure feel on my skin?

Your AquaRenew Hydrabrasion procedure is hygienic, painless, non-invasive and safe. The procedure can be customised for your special skin concerns, scheduled in between working hours without any inconvenience or immobilisation and on completion you can apply light makeup. Any slight redness you may experience depending on the strength of the procedure chosen by your qualified practitioner will fade within one to twenty four hours. Many customers enjoy AquaRenew Hydrabrasion as it is a soothing and cooling treatment and leaves the skin soft and dewy to the touch.

What benefits can I expect to achieve through having AquaRenew Hydrabrasion procedures?

Since the combination of skin exfoliation with slight suction stimulates the production of new living cells at the base level of the skin, the result is healthier, fresher skin with enhanced elasticity and texture. The addition of water in the treatment provides hydration to the skin and is particularly useful in the case of dehydrated skin.

Are there any precautions that I must take while I’m undergoing an AquaRenew Hydrabrasion procedure?

It is recommended that you refrain from any invasive procedures if you are having AquaRenew Hydrabrasion procedures unless advised by your practitioner. Waxing is not recommended 2 days prior to or at least 7 days after the AquaRenew Hydrabrasion procedure. We strongly advise against the use of sun beds and swimming in chlorinated water for at least 2 days after your procedure has been performed.

How many treatments will I need?

This will greatly depend on what skin conditions are being treated, but generally 5-12 treatments, are recommended for the best results. A monthly maintenance is advised to continue the benefits of your AquaRenew Hydrabrasion treatments.

How do I care for my skin after an AquaRenew Hydrabrasion treatment?

AquaRenew Hydrabrasion increases micro circulation, brings nutrients to the skin and greatly improves the appearance of all imperfections. Procedures offer exceptional opportunities for skin by increases the penetration of home-care creams and serums by 4-5 times. Your practitioner will recommend a professional cosmeceutical maintenance program , which will include an SPF 50+, a Gentle Cleanser and a quality of regenerating, hydrating and nutritive home care products to support your treatment

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